Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vintage Halloween paper goods

When it comes to vintage Halloween collectibles, there's one company that stands out as highly collectible. Beistle Halloween decorations are probably the most popular of all of the different vintage holiday decorations that you could buy. The die-cuts made by Beistle are the most well known, but the company also pioneered the use of paper honeycomb to make those decorations from tissue paper that can stand up. These decorations are popular and lots of fun, but do to their substance, they can be hard to find in good condition. Tissue paper doesn't last forever.

The Beistle company, who are still around today, specialize in all kinds of paper party products. It is the vintage products made by this company that are collectible. These include the paper honeycomb decorations, die-cuts of ghosts, black cats, goblins and pumpkins and all kinds of the usual party goods as well, such as paper napkins, cups, plates, etc. If you can find vintage Beistle items that were never opened, those are worth the most money. But what that means is that if you want to maintain the value then you can't open them either.

So if you prefer to have some fun with your decorations, look for Beistle decor that has been used, but is still in good condition. Then you can hang them in your own house without feeling guilty.

Another option is to find reproductions of the original Beistle Company die-cuts. These are well done copies of the original vintage versions. The big difference is that the new reproductions are dated and they are made from heavier paper than their vintage doppleganglers. Also, the reproduced Halloween die-cuts are licensed to a company called Party Partners.